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Bang Doel - Kerak Telur Betawi

Diperbarui: 18 Sep 2021

In the current pandemic and during extensive social restrictions, the risk of reduced income and even losing your job is always confronting informal entrepreneurs. They have no choice but to adjust to the current situation however they can.

In Pasar Baru there is a well-known egg ‘kerak’ trader who always hangs out in the same place and is very familiar with the buyers. His name is Bang Doel!

Who doesn't love egg kerak? Food native to Jakarta’s Betawi people that we might encounter at food festivals, receptions and other events Egg kerak has even been around since the Dutch colonial era! It’s a traditional dish that is increasingly difficult to find these days.

Rame Rame Jakarta had a chat with Bang Doel a few days ago, about PPKM and selling his egg kerak. Check it out!

Bang Doel, since when have you been selling egg kerak?

It's been a long time, more than 20 years. My cousin also sells kerak, a kind of tradition for Betawi people.

So where do you usually sell them?

It used to be on the main street of Pasar Baru, but because of the social restrictions (PPKM) it was closed and no one passed by. That's why I moved here.

PPKM has had a profound impact, huh?

Yes, this year's PPKM is much more difficult than last year’s iteration. Now, people need a travel permit to enter the area, so no one wants to shop at Pasar Baru on the weekends, and it's so quiet. This is the most difficult period I’ve ever experienced, and I'm afraid that when we go back to the ‘new normal’ selling traditional food like this won't be viable anymore.

So if it's quiet, do you serve online messages?

I don't have a bank account, so I can't register for Gofood. Usually I also serve receptions, weddings or events to open a new office, for example. Because there are none of those things happening, it's even more difficult. The problem is that egg kerak is quite expensive, so people don't want to buy it when it's hard to find money.

How much is it to buy a single portion of your kerak?

The price is 20 thousand per serving, for duck eggs 25 thousand, so people prefer to buy cheaper but more filling food.

How much do you usually sell a day?

It's been going down lately, sometimes no one buys anything. I’d say a loss of more than 75%.

If it's not available on Gofood, maybe we can help promote it, can we order by phone or not?

Yes, I can only accept online orders via WhatsApp (085814161841), or through direct coordination with online motorcycle taxi drivers, if you pay cash. I'm on google maps too if you look for it.

Okay, Bang Doel, thank you for talking.

Yup, that’s totally fine.

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